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7 Hacks to Glowing Skin While Traveling

Travel is indeed exciting, and it is indeed a thrill to explore the new places and meet new people or try out new cuisines. It is indeed an incredible experience to travel to the new corners of the world. However, at the same time, the travel can wreak havoc with your beauty regime and diet. All those beauty routines one follows at home are gone for a toss and take a back seat.

 We tend to ignore what we eat, how our skin and hair look as we are busy traveling and following the itinerary. The result is we get a dehydrates skin and dull hair. Is it possible to maintain our best looks while we travel? Well, read on to know how you can still keep looking gorgeous on your next holiday.

  1. Drink lots of water to keep your skin well hydrated and fresh. Your skin can dry up fast due to the stale air in the plane. So, keep drinking lots of water. You can sleep on the plane with a facial sheet mask. There are cream masks available in the market that will keep your skin looking good and fresh.
  2. Use a lip balm for everything and not just on the lips, but you can use it on the cheekbones. You can even mix it with a little blush to create rosiness on the brow bone and use it as a highlighter.
  3. If you have no time to shampoo and your hair is looking very dull and dry, you can keep a bottle of dry shampoo handy. The dry shampoo is perfect for adding volume to limp strands and soak up grease. What you are left with is nice bouncy hair that looks and smells fresh.
  4. Do not forget your sun protection as you will be out under the harmful rays of the sun, while the sun is excellent to get that bronzed look and doses of vitamin D; it is essential to keep it protected from the harsh UV rays. So, slather on a high-grade SPF of at least 45.
  5. Apart from drinking water, drink juice which is an excellent way to keep your body free of toxins. You not only keep your body free of those toxins but get nourished as well. The results are a well hydrated and radiant skin even during your travel.
  6. Take a close look at what you eat. Focus on eating the good fats and follow a healthy diet even during the holiday. Good fats help to promote radiant, glowing skin. For example, you can add avocado and extra virgin olive oil on your salad, or could easily toss in ground flaxseed. Stay away from bad fats and processed foods, as they are known to age your skin.
  7. Stay away from bad fats, including vegetable oil and processed foods high in trans-fat, as they are known to age your skin and increase inflammation and free radical

 Apart from the above tips, it is a good idea to stay active. One could go for yoga, jogging, running to keep you up and active. Physical activity will not only keep you active but increase the flow of your blood and oxygen. As a result, you will always carry a healthy look on your face.

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