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Business Traveler’s Guide to Switzerland

Switzerland attracts both leisure and business travelers from all across the world. Tourists and travelers come here to enjoy the dramatic mountain ranges and picturesque views. Switzerland is indeed one of the most beautiful places on earth. Home to picturesque mountains, medieval towns, and shimmering lakes, the county is indeed great and super nice. Enjoy the company of friendly people as well as the delicious chocolate and beer.

 When to go
Switzerland carries a wide and varied topography, and that means diverse weather patterns across the nation. However, expect more rains during the summertime, and the rain and snow are heavier in the mountainous regions. Summer months are considered the best for a trip as the days are warm and sunny here. For those looking for fresh snow, can visit Switzerland between December and March.

Accommodation Costs
Typical costs can vary between 30 CHF up to 80-120 CHF per night. A lot relies on where you stay, and some of the hotels can be very expensive. Airbnb is popular as you get to share a room in someone’s house and it would cost you just about 30 CHF a night.

Moving around
The public transport system is efficient, and one can catch local buses around cities and towns. Uber is available but while the intercity trains can cost a lot of money. There isn’t a very extensive inter-city bus system in Switzerland.

 Great food
As eating out can be expensive every day, it is a good idea to shop for grocery at the local market and make your own meals. One can shop for the essential basics like fruits and vegetables, pasta, rice, eggs, sauce for just 130 CHF per week, which is a lot cheaper an eating out. You can enjoy the cheapest food options at the bars and cafes.

Saving money on your trip
As a smart business traveler, one must be aware as to how to keep the cost of the trip down. 

  • As transportation and accommodation are very expensive in Switzerland, you can opt for couch surfing to lower accommodation costs and use BlaBlaCar to share rides and lower the transportation costs.
  • See how many Hotel reward points you have saved and make good use of them on your Switzerland trip. 
  • Avoid drinking as it is certainly not cheap here and always check out the happy hours. 
  • Cook your own meals, and it is a good idea to go veggie as meat can be expensive. It is a good idea to stick to ethnic restaurants like Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese or Thai, where you can often get the best deals. 
  • Always carry a refillable water bottle with and refill the bottle where you can and save money. If you make your train bookings early, you can make some savings and enjoy cheaper rides.
  • There is plenty to do and see here in Switzerland, but the three can be a price to enjoy those activities. The museum trips, hiking excursions, and adventure activities can cost you money. Look for passes that can lower those costs.

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