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Educational Podcasts You Can Listen to on the go

Podcasts are getting more popular and more advanced than ever. The podcasts are getting smarter, and you can listen to them while on the go while working out or running or doing the dishes. Now there is no stopping you from getting new information or knowledge that can help you raise your health, wealth, and wisdom. The podcast industry is evolving and advancing, and with hundreds of thousands of podcasts emerging, the industry is getting bigger too!

 So, how does one zero in on the some of the top educational podcasts? Well, here are some, to begin with:

  • The Mission Daily podcast is dedicated to accelerated learning and educates you on how to get healthier, wealthier, and wiser fast. With many more challenges facing humanity, it is essential to evolve and overcome and Mission Daily podcast tells you how!
  • 99% Invisible tells us about the captivating stories of the world that were not aware of. There can be serious design flaws in the world that have been created and shaped by human beings. 99% Invisible draws our attention to them.
  • TED Radio Hour carries episodes that are curated around a theme. Listen to the various TED Talks, on broad ranged topics such as business, politics, health, psychology and more. Apply those lessons to both professional and personal life.
  • Hardcore History is one of the best podcasts for the history buffs. Every episode comes with an audiobook, and the production value and quality of research are on par with a brilliant show. Carlin’s passionate delivery makes any history topic the most interesting and fascinating.
  • IT Visionaries should be your podcast if keen to learn on trailblazing IT leaders. Get access to exclusive interviews as well as the technological future. Each episode is loaded with value and trends in the IT field.
  • The Tip-Off is perfect for the journalists who want to know how to get the top leads for their most prominent stories. They get aware of the detective work behind journalism thanks to the weekly podcast.
  • Note to Self looks into the complex multi-faceted impacts of technology and gadgets as well as data on our everyday lives. Manoush Zomorodi, the former news journalist, is the host, and she brings the topic to life through conversations with listeners.
  • The Tim Ferriss Show is a business podcast which is very different. Here you can listen to rare interviews from the likes like Maria Popova, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Rick Rubin. You get access to useful tactics and routines.
  • Found my Fitness is a trusted podcast for health. Hosted by Dr. Rhonda Patrick, one can get info on the latest research on aging, brain health, nutrition, cancer and much more!  Dr. Patrick breaks down the highly complex subject into simpler details.
  • Embedded is one of the most popular politics podcasts. It tackles complicated political news and stories in-depth, and one understands as to what’s going on. It is like factual storytelling with a mixture of interviews and narration.
  • Harvard Business Review is behind the HBR Idea Cast and one finds the leading thinkers from academia and business featured in HBR Idea Cast.  The podcast covers a range of topics.

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