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High-Tech Gift Ideas for the Reader on Your List

While some literary purists will only read by candlelight from books printed on linen, most bookworms embrace technology as a convenient way to fuel their insatiable reading habits. If you have a heavy reader on your list, don’t overlook these gadgets to impress and delight your loved one. From practical items to fun accessories, this list shares the best high-tech gifts to help any reader — including you!

An iPad Pro

Debating between getting an e-reader and a tablet? While there are pros and cons to both, the latest iPad Pro comes out on top in most categories. It’s a lightweight and portable device which means you don’t need to go to the gym before you can carry it around. You can fill it up with as many titles as its memory allows at no danger to your back — a far cry from the old days when you would fill your backpack with library books. 

The iPad also comes with better access to e-books and comics than most e-readers. Each ebookstore (including Apple’s iBooks) is available through its own app, and you won’t have to convert any files to match your iOS. And of course, when you aren’t using it to read, the iPad Pro is a tablet you can use to browse, play games, or FaceTime with friends.

iPad Pro skins

The iPad Pro is a convenient e-reader for those who like to read while on the go. But like any Apple product, its thin and delicate composition means it may be at risk every time you take it outside. Whether you plan on using the iPad during your commute or while on holiday at the beach, you should cover it in an iPad Pro skin or iPad Pro wrap. Skins and wraps are lightweight accessories that cover your device and Pencil 2, protecting them with durable 3M vinyl that’s scratch- and grime-free. 

Genuine 3M designs come in a variety of designs. These texturized iPad skins add grip to help keep the device in your hands. Meanwhile, designs like black matrix and black marble add style, letting you protect and customize your new iPad Pro with a fashionable accessory.

An iPad pillow cushion

What’s greater than curling up on the couch, reading your favorite book with a blanket on your lap and a mug of hot chocolate at hand? If you ask us, just one thing: the addition of a pillow cushion for your tablet. This triangular cotton stand from iPevo is the perfect accompaniment to at-home reading on the couch or on the bed. It rests comfortably on your lap or any flat surface, letting you read hands-free for optimum coziness while you delve into new and exciting fictional worlds.

They also come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the stand that matches your décor and iPad wrap the best.


Creating your iPad library is easy when you have the right subscriptions to help. eBook subscriptions are the Netflix and Spotify of the reading world.  Scribd, iBooks, Kindle Unlimited, and Kobo are all popular choices. But don’t hesitate to branch out into other kinds of subscriptions, including audiobook streaming services and literary subscription boxes. 

Literary subscription boxes are the only analogue gift on the list, but it’s worthy of the mention. You can choose the service that caters to your reading habits and interests, and they’ll deliver a hand-picked selection of books right to your door.  

LED book lamp

When you finally break down and read a physical book, you’ll want an LED book lamp to help you read well into the night. This Bookmark Light is perfect for when you need to finish the next chapter despite the clock reading 2 a.m. It rests easily at the top of the page and casts a warm LED light across the page without upsetting your bedmate. 

Although the tech world has yet to bottle the smell of a new book fresh from the printers, you won’t miss it with any of these gadgets helping you beat your Goodreads challenge. Consider wrapping one or all of these items for the bookworm on your list. There’s no “wrong” choice!

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