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How to Set Up Your Marijuana Grow Room on a Budget

Now that the province of Ontario is allowing its residents to grow four recreational cannabis plants at home, more and more Canadians are considering growing their own weed. This is especially true for those Canadians who have obtained their ACMPR license to legally grow for medical purposes. In cases for ACMPR license holders the potential for high plant counts is common, meaning there is a need for a large grow room with a decent setup.

Whether you are a small-time grower, you have a large operation, or you are just starting to get down and dirty with the world of cannabis, setting up the perfect grow room can become a pricey project. The cheapest option is to grow your weed outdoors, but this is often not possible for many Canadians living with less-than-ideal climate conditions. Purchasing things like efficient lights, fans, grow tents, reflectors, carbon filters and everything else to perfect your grow room can rack up quite the bill. So if setting up a low-budget grow room is on your agenda, here’s how to do it.

Start with a basic setup before you invest in higher-quality equipment. Who says you have to go all out when building your first grow room. If you are a beginner, consider starting with beginner-level equipment that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase. Look into starting with just a basic setup with the bare essentials, just to get started and get used to the growing process. Look on websites like Kijiji and Ebay for used equipments – there is no need to buy brand new tools and gadgets if you are on a budget.

Consider your lighting options. Purchasing your lights is often where the majority of your grow room costs come from, so think about your options before splurging. Although fluorescent lighting is by no means the best option, it is by far the cheapest. Fluorescent lights work just fine for the vegetative state of growing, so purchase these bulbs for the mother plants you want to keep in veg. For your flowering plants, you’ll need more powerful lights like HPS lights, but they are extremely strong so keep in mind that you might see some significant increases in your energy bill. The most expensive bulbs are LED lights, but they essentially last forever and are much more efficient when it comes to energy, so you won’t see a huge jump in your power bill.

There is no need to spend a lot on a grow tent. Some growers think it is necessary to go for a pricey grow tent, but others feel that all tents are created equal. Purchase a cheap tent and doctor it up however you like if you’re hoping to save a buck or two. The most important part of the tent is that it is airtight and light tight, but you can easily fix any issues with a tent that doesn’t deliver by using reflective surface material and tape to cover any holes you find.

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