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Top Yoga Destinations in the World 

Yoga on a holiday? Well, nothing could be a better combination! You enjoy a great holiday and come back looking great and in good shape. There are plenty of all-inclusive yoga retreats at some of the top destinations. There is amazing food, warm beaches plus loads of adventure and leisure. Plus, the restorative practice of yoga is an escape for both the body and mind. So, just sit back and relax as you get to learn about the top yoga destinations in the world.

  • Rishikesh – the Yoga Capital of the World
    Rishikesh rightfully takes the top position in the list and is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. The holy city is a myriad of yoga ashrams, and thousands of people come here looking for deeper spiritual consciousness. Get trained in Transcendental Meditation and take a dip in the sacred waters of Ganges. Connect with yogis from all across the world during the International Yoga Festival every year.
  • Nihi Sumba- blissful spot in Indonesia
    Nihi Sumba happens to be one of the best yoga retreats in an Indonesian surf spot. The blissful spot is like an extraordinarily beautiful hideout. The yoga location is quite a contrast to the flashy urban studio. There are no lavish interiors, but one is just surrounded by nature. Take the cobbled path up to the hilltop and enjoy a magical panoramic stretch. Yoga sessions are held in the morning and the afternoon.
  • Ibiza – popular yoga retreats
    Ibiza is not just about parties, but the island has a very spiritual and calming side to it. There are plenty of yoga retreats on this popular island and especially the White Isle. There are more than a hundred yoga holidays held all year long in Ibiza. Enjoy learning and performing yoga on the beautiful beaches.
  • Ananda – in The Himalaya
    sMany spiritual seekers are drawn to Ananda in the Himalayas. It is indeed a unique experience to participate in yoga and enjoy spa treatments amidst the Himalayan foothill setting. Stay in those beautifully restored bedrooms with white linen. Most of your time would be spent in the spa, and the five days yogic cleanse under a team of experts. Experience the classic Indian mixture of meditation and postures and a controlled diet.
  • Silver Island Yoga – the Best yoga retreat in Greece
    Silver Island Yoga is set on a private Greek island and is just a -hour drive from Athens. The yoga program has been fine-tuned to ensure there’s something for everyone. It is a great experience to do yoga overlooking the mountains and an endless sea. Explore the picturesque acres and discover hidden coves as well as enjoy the little beaches. You can meditate on a hidden platform or read a book as you relax on a hammock.

Take advantage of those top yoga destinations in the world and get ready for an unforgettable yoga experience. While India still ranks at the top when it comes to yoga and meditation, many other countries are fast becoming popular when it comes to getting a good yoga experience.

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